Will to travel is not lacking! But in times of pandemic, we have selected 10 great movies for you to embark along with the characters in great adventures!

1- In the Wild

Christopher is sitting on the roof of the abandoned bus, with his camping stuff, looking at the view.

Primarily, one of the best films to talk about detachment and minimalism.

It tells the story of Christopher McCandless.

The American who abandoned a materialistic social life and hit the road.

Upon graduating from medical school, Christopher realized that he no longer wanted to live in a hypocritical society of luxuries and looks.

He dropped everything, left his family and took the road to Alaska, in search of a full life, living free in the wild.

2- The Beach

Leonardo Di Caprio takes us to know a mysterious secret island in Thailand where a small community lives in harmony.

Surprisingly, not everything is perfect all the time.

Detail: the film revealed the island of Maya Bay, which as a result ended up attracting many tourists and crowding, ended up closed to visits.

3- Motorcycle Diaries

Previously ernesto was known as "Che" Guevara, he was a medical student and went to take the roads of Argentina by motorcycle.

He and his friend Alberto decided, first of all, to make a long journey across South America in the 1950s.

Beautiful period set design!

4- Thelma & Louise

One of the most ionic films, it became a cliché of cinema.

The single friend calls the other, married and unhappy to hit the road.

Unexpectedly, things happen and what was a ride becomes a long escape.

Stunning look aboard a Thunderbird convertible.

Brad Pitt's debut, incidentally, in his first major early career role.

In beautiful road locations, the film makes the route of the American Grand Canyon.

5 -The Gods Must Be Crazy

A comedy in documentary format.

An airplane pilot throws a bottle of Coke out the window.

In contrast to the nature of the place, the bottle makes such an impact on an isolated tribe from Africa, it begins a journey to try to get rid of it.

The film is South African and in effect is worth the beautiful images of the Kalahari Desert.

6- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

All of the character's films are perfect history and geography classes.

In "The Last Crusade" Indiana and his Father are in search of the cup that Christ used at the last supper, the Holy Grail.

However, in "The Last Crusade" there is one detail: the scenography is real.

The temple where Indiana Jones will seek the Holy Grail is in Petra, Jordan. It is the temple of Al-Khazneh, still open to tourist visitation today.

7- Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

The film that raised Angelina Jolie's career to fame has real scenes identical to the game.

Lara Croft is an adventurer in search of lost treasures. She travels the world in search of clues about her father, a missing explorer.

One of the scenes from the first game, is repeated in the film the location of Cambodia.

It shows the ruins of Angkor, in several temples that belonged to the Khmer Empire.

With the temple the abandoned ruins mingled with the native forest vegetation. A nice look.

8- Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope

The debut Star Wars film, which was box office champion shows one of the most simple locations and difficult access in the world.

The Tunisian desert, where Luke Skywalker's house was filmed, while still living with his farmer uncles.

Images of the Tatooine desert were taken over a salt lake that dries up much of the time a year.

Luke Skywalker's home still exists and has become a hotel frequented by fans around the world.

It is a typical house that was built by the baby people, worn by the weather but restored by the effort of the fans.

The desert is such an iconic location that it was again filmed in Phantom Menace. The villages filmed are real and the ambient heat is 50 degrees.

9- The Edukators

An Austrian-German co-production of the same director of "Goodbye, Lenin", Hans Weingartner.

It repeats the partnership with actor Daniel Brühl, who shone in the previous film, focused on the East German film.

In The Edukator young revolutionaries commit acts of rebellion, breaking in and messing up millionaires' homes.

But they end up kidnapping a resident and taking to a beautiful captivity in the Austrian mountains.

The coexistence between them brings out many feelings and perceptions.

Beautiful berlin locations, even though it's a 2000s film, visibly shows the contrast between beautiful German mansions and the small outsides on the eastern side.

Incredible images of the Austrian Alps and Lake Anchesee in Tyrol as the group takes refuge in a chalet in the mountains

10 – Rio

Carlos Saldanha, after the success of Ice Age, won as a gift from Fox studios the right to choose the film he wanted to shoot.

So he created Rio, a tribute to its origins.

Unlike being limited to a Brazilian stereotype, Rio presents the best of the Marvelous City.

The carioca knows well but many do not imagine, even Brazilians.

It is a great trip through the sights of the city, the cable car of Santa Teresa, the beach, the Sambadrome, the Pedra da Gávea.

But it also shows the reality of the favelas and the kindness and empathy of the inhabitants, through the personality of the characters.

Rio, according to Saldanha, was not meant to be box office champion, but still won sequence.

In Rio 2, macaws win Brazil, a new trip is provided and we discover new real scenarios, such as the Buraco das Araras in the Pantanal.

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