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Brazilians welcome tourists with open arms

The foreign tourist is surprised by the curious facts of our people and territory.

Different cultures received with open arms result in incredible experiences, sometimes difficult to explain.

1- Kindness


Surprisingly, the tourist soon is enchanted by the receptivity of Brazilians.

As soon as they meet us, they soon acquire intimacy, often a welcoming friendship.

The tourist soon realizes that Brazilians indulgine with hugs and kisses.

Not only in personal relationships, but also the mere celebration of a goal of his team.

Public affection is undeniably curious to tourists.

Just to illustrate, the famous "3 kisses" on the cheek "to marry", a mining tradition, does not exist anywhere.

2- Kindness and advice


Tourists who stay modestly in hostels and family inns, are treated like family and listen to advice.

In other words, they eventually get tips on where to go, food to try, and places to avoid.

There are also those who offer you loving counsel, where to take the loved one and those who give spiritual tips;

Mainly, mystical places and typical products to know, free fairs where you can buy delicacies, herbs and local handicrafts.

3- Good food wherever you go


Brazilian cuisine is quite varied and creative, from the most exquisite restaurant to the street kiosk.

Certainly arrive thinking of caipirinha with feijoada, however, the tourist discovers delights in the simplicity of small snacks.

Exchange students really enjoy the famous cushions and brigadeiros with guarana.

The acai berry and avocado vitamin are also curious surprises, by the color and shape.

The cheese bread and cornmeal cake accompanied with coffee, also refer to good memories.

4- Natural beauty

Brazilian natural beauty

We have many services to offer and natural beauty products, treatments and cosmetics for skin and hair. Brazilian hair removal is well known out there. There are also beauty salons that specialize in afro hair and that elaborate chemistry and continuous relaxation and hydration treatments.

5- The Swidden

Serra da Canastra Farm

Brazil, for the most part, is a rural country, whose agriculture is responsible for the survival of small families and important in the country's trade balance.

The tourist who visits us, and who leaves a little from the coast to the interior finds many precious and rudimentary places. 

Rural properties, such as farms or sites, are well known as swiddens. Places inside that until recently did not have electric light or cellular antennas.

The tourist who visits a swidden will first find lots of typical food: cornbread, cheese bread, in addition to the typical cheeses of the regions, as well as homemade sweets and handmade cachaça to try.

During the night are common the festivals and agricultural exhibitions, where are presented country singers or even the old forró to the sound of a accordion. In winter, the June festivities, in honor of St. Anthony, St. Peter and St. John, are everywhere, motivated by folklore and the faith of the people.

 6- Nature paradises

Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul

Brazil is a very large country and therefore has several biomes in its interior ranging from lagoons hidden in caves to stone plateaus. The tourist can never forget to be equipped with a good camera and a lot of disposition. From time to time, paradises are rediscovered by foreigners enchanted by the landscapes.

7- Handicrafts


Artistic expressions are everywhere, but in general they are widely disseminated in the free fairs of the cities. There's plenty to bring as a souvenir or if you prefer, like permanent decorating pieces for your home. 

Handicrafts with stones such as quartz and agate, hand-made embroidered or lace towels and golden grass jewelry not easily found in other countries, here are available in various regions. There are also typical figures and paintings representing scenarios, wild animals and images of the Brazilian people themselves in everyday times.

8- Literature

Cordel literature

For tourists who want to study the Portuguese language, it is worth following, when it is time for The Book Biennial or the typical book fairs that usually happen. In these meetings many writers are discovered, revisited and discussed their works. 

On walks through the center of the big cities the tourist will certainly find a "café bookstore". They are places specially prepared for reading a good book accompanied by a good coffee that can be served with snacks.

Literary creativity is genuine and liberated, ranging from children's literature to the freedom of comics and including the simple works of art present in string literature.

9- Faith and spirituality

Save Yemanjá

Brazil is known for being a country of great spirituality, faith and mysticism. The country has evolved its belief in its own way of finding its divinity: religious syncretism.

We are a country colonized by the Catholic faith, however, which found in its roots the indigenous spirituality to which it attributed its gods to elements of nature. Added to this came the African religions, which found similarities in the Catholic saints with their own gods. There is also spiritism and, in more remote places, esoteric communities that seek to promote peace and spiritual balance of the individual. The tourist is often invited to get to know these environments up close.

10- Remote beaches

Chicken Port

The coastline is continental, a very extensive area. Although many beaches are known and explored as tourist hubs, there are still little inhabited places or abandoned as a result of the bankruptcy of cities or even by the hangovers that have plagued the coast in the past. 

Some beaches that are now known were, until recently, unexplored villages where only caiçaras and artisans lived on low income and enjoyed the "almost untouched" nature around them.

Tourists who spend a good time in tupiniquins land feel so comfortable with the climate and friendships they find that they end up absorbing the Brazilian way and adopting the country in a corner of the heart!

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