image of the Iguassu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Devil's Throat, a meeting of several falls of water in a huge hole. A rainbow in the photoformed with the steam from the waters in the illuminated photo.

A country as extensive as Brazil has exciting landscapes to observe. See beautiful waterfalls around the country that are impressive either by their beauty or strength of their waters.

1- Cachoeira da Fumaça, Chapada Diamantina, BA

For sure, the most exciting and impressive waterfall in Brazil.

It is located in Palmeiras, Bahia, in the middle of chapada diamantina.

Right in the middle between the rocks of the Capão Valley, it is 380 meters high.

It is 12 km of trail to reach it, with 2 km only climb.

The waterfall takes its name as a result of its image. Once, from such high, its waters evaporate before it even reaches the ground, forming the image of smoke.

The visitor must supply well the car and supplies before, after all, the place is so remote that there is no ATM in Palmeiras and also does not take mobile.

2- Caracol Waterfall, Canela, Serra Gaúcha, RS

Undeniably postcard from the city of Canela, near Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul.

When you think of a circuit in the Serra Gaúcha, a beautiful image is that of the Caracol Waterfall.

It can be enjoyed by the lookout and seen via the air cable cars and the Eagle Zipline.

On foot you can be seen up close down the 730-step staircase, where you can feel the water drops.

3- Santa Barbara Waterfall, Chapada dos Veadeiros, GO

Of unique beauty, the landscape of the waterfall is a portrait of crystal clear waters in greenish blue tone.

Surprisingly colorful, it looks like a painting.

It forms a beautiful natural pool.

It is located in the Kalunga community, near Cavalcante, in the middle of chapada dos Veadeiros.

4- Iguazu Falls, Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná

Perhaps probably one of the most beautiful postcards in Brazil.

The Iguassu Falls form a complex of 260 waterfalls at 70 m high, surprisingly right on the border of Brazil with Argentina.

The extension of the Iguaçu National Park is 2700 m and comprises several jumps.

The most famous of them is devil's throat.

The Park is open to visitors all year round.

5- Cachoeira do Tabuleiro, Conceição do Mato Dentro,MG

The Cachoeira do Tabuleiro is the highest in Minas Gerais, with 280m of fall, descends by a seawall right in the middle of the Serra do Espinhaço.

It is located in the city of Conceição do Mato Dentro. has great visibility for visitation.

6- Formiga Waterfall, Jalapão, TO

One of the beauties of Jalapão, in Tocantins, formiga waterfall is in the city of Mateiros.

In contrast to other more famous ones, Formiga Waterfall does not form a great waterfall, as it is not high.

Its beauty, however, is in the charming natural pool that forms, with crystal clear waters in a shade of greenish blue.

7- Yucumã Jump, Tipped, RS

On the border of Rio Grande do Sul and Argentina, in Derrubadas, the Yucumã Jump is undoubtedly one of the longest waterfalls in length.

They are almost 2km continuous at an average height of 15 m high.

8- Pedra Caída Shrine Waterfall, Chapada das Mesas, MA

The Ecological Sanctuary of Pedra Caída, is inside the Chapada das Mesas.

The Sanctuary Waterfall is a waterfall that gently cut the stones of a large canyon, forming a natural pool.

The average temperature of 23 degrees, ideal for bathing.

The place has this name at the time when it is considered a sacred place by the Timbira Indians, where they did their rituals in the region, long before the white man appeared there.

9- Farofa Waterfall,Serra do Cipó, MG

In serra do Cipó, it is in Santana do Riacho, Minas Gerais, a beautiful waterfall is the waterfall of Farofa.

To get to the delicious waterfall bath, it is worth doing the bike trails.

Undoubtedly, with good pedaling accompanying an incredible look of the Mountains.

10 – Cachoeira do Escorrega, Vila da Maromba, Itatiaia – RJ

In the Region of Itatiaia, in the town of Visconde de Mauá, is the village of Maromba, where the Cachoeira do Escorrega is located.

In other words, it is a natural slide of smooth stones coming down the waterfall, providing lots of fun and adrenaline.

However, it is worth remembering that the waters descend from the Serra, near Pico das Agulhas Negras, in such a way that they are extremely cold.

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