Ecotourism has another meaning here. Place untouched by human hands, reserves for visitors everything more beautiful that nature has to offer.

Located just over 300 km from Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, Bonito offers tourists trips such as diving with fish of various species, trails, waterfalls, caves with blue waters and rivers of crystal clear waters.

1st Diving in the Mysterious Lagoon

So who is a fan of Jules Verne is amazed to know the Mysterious Lagoon in Bonito – MS, which is 40 minutes from the center of Bonito in a small town called Jardins – MS.

The maximum depth that professional divers arrived at was 220 meters, and diving there, imagining the possible adventures submerged in that hole is surreal.

They say that, at 220 meters, a plunger felt a slight flow, a slight current dragging him to one side, which led them to believe in the existence of an underground river. Is? Amazing, huh!

Beautiful Mysterious Lagoon Vitor Cherulli

2nd Boca da Onça Waterfall

This is the tallest waterfall in Mato Grosso do Sul with 156 meters high. To get there you need a 4 km walk. During the way there are eight waterfalls, but only in four of them it is possible to enter the water wells that form. But this walk really is worth it, it has a stunning look.

Finally, after the tour visitors are greeted with a lunch at the main farm, leisure area with swimming pools and hammock for rest, well made structure for a good rest after the trail. A nap after lunch, is there anything better?

Boca da Onça Bonito-Mato Grosso do Sul Waterfall Photo: Vitor Cherulli

3rd Blue Lake Cave

What you see there is extraordinary, but to begin with, you need safety equipment like the helmet, have a good shoe and wear light clothes, because going down 300 steps is not easy, and it is good to have a good camera to capture the spectacular images of that place. The best time to visit it is in the morning, where the sun hits directly on the lake.

It is estimated that the lake is more than 90 meters deep and many ancient fossils have already been found. Indeed, the landscape is admirable and worth every second spent to be there.

Guta Blue Lake – Photo Vitor Cherulli

4th Dive in the Prata River

The Prata River is 50 km from Bonito and to get there it is necessary to take a walk through the woods. On the river, you can make the fluctuation, allowed on average for one hour and forty minutes and with a maximum capacity of 10 people. In this activity it is possible to observe species such as dourados, piraputangas and pacus. The Prata River is considered one of the rivers with the greatest variety of fish and still one of the most crystalline in Brazil.

Below another video of the experience that is diving in the Rio Prata

Photo Vitor Cherulli – Rio Prata in Bonito

5th Abyss Anhumas

We leave this attraction for last purpose, as it is one of the most impressive and radical tours to do in Bonito.

So get ready! Anhumas Abyss is 14 miles from Bonito. The only way to get on site is from RAPEL. Before hiring the tour it is necessary to do a stress test and a preparation, because the tour begins with a crack of 72 meters of descent. Despite the "hard" level, as long as you are accompanied by professionals, everything is very safe.

Anhumas Abyss – Photo: A traveler

At the end of the descent there is a lake of crystal clear waters with more than 80 meters deep where are made boat trip, diving or floating. There is no more exuberant and radical ride than this.


When to visit Bonito

There is no right time to visit Bonito, however, the rainy season can interfere with the tours such as waterfalls and caves, in addition to the few fish at the time of piracema. The most indicated months are from December to January where the sunlight makes the spectacle in the caves in the morning.

Anyway, were you delighted with the beauties of Bonito?

A tip is that if your destination is Bonito –MS, you need to prepare in advance and schedule all the tours so that you do not miss any attraction. Organizing the backpack specifically for each tour is another essential point. Details like this make your trip more enjoyable and without a headache. Only joy 😀

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