Ubatuba is a city on the north coast of São Paulo, with numerous paradisiacal beaches, but to be exact there are 102 beaches and more than 20 islands. Since you can't get to know them all in just one summer, we've listed the top 5 to visit on vacation.

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1st Cabbage Island

Cabbage Island Photo: Ricardo Junior

To get to know the island you need to take a boat trip, which lasts only 15 minutes, towards Paraty (RJ) by the Rio Santos highway. So the entrance is through the beach of Picinguaba, where the boats are to make the journey.

Thus, the island has two white sandy beaches and its waters are crystal clear in shades of emerald green, great for diving and swimming. The sea is translucent with calm waters and gentle waves. In fact it is really a haven of calm to spend a whole day.

2nd Prumirim Beach

Prumirim Beach – Photo: Ricardo Junior

This beach looks like a huge and natural pool so quiet that are its waves.  It has an extension of 1000 meters and its sand is yellowish and thick. Thus, diving and schooner rides are the most indicated activities. Surfers can also enjoy, however it is only in some points of the beach, where it has perfect waves to catch.

In summary, Prumirim beach is in the north of Ubatuba. Its main entrance is located at the height of 29.5 of the Rio-Santos Highway.

3rd Portuguese Beach

Portguês Beach – Source: Youtube

This beach, in particular, is among the most paradisiacal there is. It may be small, but its beauty pays off is one of the most sought after recently. It possess transparent waters and a breathtaking view.

Also known by the name of Prainha do Félix, the beach is accessible only by trail or by the coast. Being from the far right of Praia do Félix. Its access is a bit difficult for children and the elderly. And remembering that because it is paradisiacal the beach of Portuguese does not have commercial infrastructure, so it is good to have a snack before, to start the walk.

Always remember to bring your trash back with you. Beautiful nature is clean nature.

4th Picinguaba Beach

Picinguaba Beach – Photo: Ricardo Junior

Beach of greenish waters, calm and crystal clear, perfect for children to swim without worry. In addition to kiosks, bars and restaurant, the food is great and its main menu is fresh fish. The beach is famous for its connection to Couves Island, located 43km from the center of Ubatuba and 35km from Paraty/ RJ.

5th Camburi Beach

Camburi Beach – Photo: Ricardo Junior

If you are looking for a deserted beach to enjoy the silence and enjoy nature, Camburi Beach was made for just that. It being the last of Ubatuba, is semi-deserted and with a little difficult access, does not have much trade nearby, so it is good to take a snack.

Camburi beach of fine sand and calm sea, good for diving and surfing being still possible to see dolphins on the coast. To have access to the beach take a narrow road of secondary land that departs from the highway, about 3km to the beach.

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