Our route starts in Praia Grande, passes through Santos, Guaruja, Bertioga, Maresias, São Sebastião, IlhaBela and ends in Ubatuba.

By chance it is leaving São Paulo, it is 75 km to Praia Grande, and another 250 km to Ubatuba, passing through the most beautiful regions of the north coast of São Paulo.

For those who are addicted to travel for sure the coastline is a great choice with cost and benefit.

Praia Grande, SP

The first stop is in the city of Praia Grande which is one of the busiest in Brazil. It is located in the santista lowland on the shores of this gigantic coast, 23 kilometers long.

Photo of the city of Praia Grande


Moving forward the destination is the city of Santos that besides having the largest port in Latin America the city has several historical tourist attractions. And it's like a beautiful, busy 7-mile beach. But if you want almost deserted beaches, we have to head north of the state.

Photo of the city of Santos

In Guarujá, Guaiuba Beach

A little ahead we have the beach of Guaiúba in Guaruja. During most of the year the waters are calm ideal for a swim. Mainly around the island of Mato that has rich vegetation of Atlantic forest.

In Guarujá, Guaiuba Beach

In Guaruja, Tombo Beach

The residents of the region love the beach of the tombo. As it has this name due to its geological formation and also for its strong waves that is perfect for surfing and used for championships.

In Guaruja, Tombo Beach

In Guaruja, Perequê Beach or Fisherman's Beach

Perequê's is not for bathers. Yes, it is the workplace of fishermen who sell fresh fish every day at the beachfront markets. It is a great place for those who want to know how fishing works and still enjoy great restaurants.

Praia dos Perequê in Guaruja

In Guaruja, São Pedro Beach

Still in Guaruja, we have São Pedro Beach which is in an environmental reserve called Serra do Guararu. The beach is a very beautiful and organized place that has structure with bathrooms and shower. So because it's preserved, there's no point of sale on site.

If you are going on weekends, or high season, stay tuned as the reservation limits entry to 70 cars at a time. It's all for sustainability reasons.

São João Beach in Guaruja

In Bertioga Riviera Beach of St. Lawrence

Passing through Bertioga, there is the Riviera de São Lourenço, with great lodging structure and apartments for rent. So access is very easy to have feeding trailers. Clean sand and sea is a quiet place to spend all day.

In Bertioga Riviera Beach of St. Lawrence

In São Sebastião Praia da Pedra Escondida

If you are adventurous and looking for a deserted beach, you need to know the Hidden Stone Beach. But the access is a little difficult, as it is by a trail from the lookout. The beach is very small and discreet so it is well preserved.

In São Sebastião Praia da Pedra Escondida

In São Sebastião and Camburí Beach

Divided by a small peninsula, Camburi is one of the most beautiful places. Located 10 km from Juquehy de Maresias, it has white and loose sands, clear sea and perfect waves. That's why Camburi needs to be on your list of places to meet.

In São Sebastião and Camburí Beach

In Maresias, Maresias beach

Maresias Beach is the most famous and trendy of the north coast of São Paulo. It is also a meeting point for artists and surfers, so Maresias is a destination known internationally, as it is surrounded by the Atlantic forest with a beach that is 5 km long forming a beautiful encounter of the sea with the forest.

In Maresias, Maresias beach


In the end we arrive at IlhaBella, one of the most awaited destinations, because IlhaBela is the largest island on the coast of Brazil, which offers tourists 40 km of beaches with tropical forest landscapes, with hiking trails, waterfalls and several springs.

207 km from the city of São Paulo, Ilhabela can get crowded, so try to go during the week.

In Ilhabela, Jabaquara Beach

In Ilhabela the beach of Jabaquara is 17 km from the city center and arriving at the site so it is possible to observe a stream with fresh and fresh water and also caiçaras houses surrounded by the green of the virgin forest

In Ilhabela, Jabaquara Beach

In Ilhabela, Castelhanos Beach:

On the east side, facing the open sea, there is the beach of Castelhanos, which is the largest beach on the island, with approximately 2 km, so it has restaurants, bars and rustic campsites and also a viewpoint from where you have a panoramic view of the beach in heart shape.

So to get there the ideal is to hire a tourism agency of the island, because the road is very bad, and you will need to go 4×4 or boat.

For the trip to the beach in Castelhanos, we recommend the company CIAVENTURA, this is the telephone service: Whatsapp: 12 98303-5667 http://www.ciaventurailhabela.com.br/  

In Ilhabela, Castelhanos Beach

If you are looking for a home stay with cost and benefit, we recommend the Tropic of Capricorn Hostel: Whatsapp: (11) 99828-1199 https://www.hostelilhabela.com/ See the video of the Hostel Below:


If you came to the northern coast of the state of São Paulo and did not know Ubatuba then your trip is not complete.

It is known as the surfing capital stands out for the amount of beaches, as there are so many beautiful beaches in the city that it would be difficult to list them all.

In this link we also select the most beautiful beaches of Ubatuba.

In Ubatuba, Praia do Portuguese

At first we selected the beach of Portuguese, which has an incredible view in a paradisiacal place. Continuing access is a bit tricky, need to pass between the rocks, but really worth knowing this almost deserted beach, and take several pictures.

In Ubatuba, Praia do Portuguese

In Ubatuba, Cabbage Island

And finally the Cabbage Island, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful because the place is incomparable and very pleasant.

Then bring diving and snorkeling goggles to see the various types of fish that swim in shoals near the rocks as this you can not miss.

In Ubatuba, Cabbage Island

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