Since our specialty is to talk about adventures and ecotourism, we continue to the wonderful Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia. To adventurers who want contact with nature and many tours, I say that, certainly, the Chapada is one of those must-see places in its programming. The region offers activities that can entertain and occupy the tourist for a whole month.

They are waterfalls, caves with admirable formations, transparent water wells and several trails, in addition to visits in historic cities, a hospitable people and delicious gastronomy.

Chapada Diamantina – Source: The Best Photos

How to get there

Diamantina National Park is located in the state of Bahia. There are several route options, no matter where you are. Then, for those who prefer the airway, Azul makes regular flights to the airport Horacio de Matos, in the municipality of Lençóis, departing from Salvador, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Similarly, there are bus lines departing from Salvador and, if you choose your own or rented car, you can set up your own route.


I assure you, just a holiday is not enough to take advantage of all that the city has to offer. In ten days you might be able to do most of the tours. So let's list some of the top attractions and tours to help with your choices, according to what suits you best.

However, remember that it will always be necessary to hire a guide to visit the sites safely.

Smoke Waterfall

Cachoeira da Fumaça – Source: Best Destinations

Located in the Capão Valley, the waterfall has almost 400 meters of waterfall. It is surrounded by rocky walls forming a magical landscape. The Waterfall of Smoke can be visited from above or below. But in fact, the most common is the trail above, which is 12 km and a full day of visitation. Does not include a bath.

Already, the option of the trail below the waterfall is more suitable for adventurers. There is a trail with high difficulty level with a total of 36 km, being three days of travel and camping. The amount charged in agency is between 150 and 190 reais per person, depending on the route. Otherwise, the cost of a private guide for a group of up to four people can vary between 150 and 200 reais.

Buracão Falls

Buracão Waterfall – Source: Best Destinations

The Buracão Waterfall has a drop of 85 meters, being the most recommended tour in the region. The route is only 3 km and the trail has a degree of mild difficulty. To reach the waterfall it is necessary to make the crossing through a canyon, where passes a river of foamy black waters. The crossing is made of life jacket of mandatory use.

Canyon to Buracão Waterfall – Source: Best Destinations

The ideal for this tour is to stay overnight outside the city of Lençóis, which is 30 km from the waterfall. This avoids long journeys by car. In this case, the value of the tour in agency goes per person between 250 to 350 reais. Already, the cost of the private guide for a group of four people costs 150 reais. The cost of visitation is 6 reais per person. Remember that, these values may change.

Enchanted Well

Poço Encantado – Source: Best Destinations

This well has one of the most significant images of the Chapada Diamantina. It is completely blue and has transparent waters allowing to visualize it in all its depth. As much as swimming is not allowed, the well remains magical with the beam of light that illuminates the cave. To see the phenomenon, the visit must take place between the months April and September, between 10:00 and 13:30 hours. The beam promotes a really stunning visual spectacle, difficult even to identify the water line and the bottom of the well. And look! The cave is 60 meters deep.

Be aware, because this tour is best used by those who stay overnight in the cities of Itaetê, Andaraí, Ingatu and Macugê, and can amend the visit to the Blue Well.

The ideal is to choose agencies that offer overnight packages and that include the three activities, however, do not forget the option of the private guide for groups of up to 4 people, can be much more into account.

Blue Well

Poço Azul – Source: Best Destinations

The diving experience in the Blue Well impresses everyone. Also to the Enchanting Well, the water is of a blue and phenomenal tranparência and in the same way, it is possible to see the bottom of the well. There, each visitor receives a vest for the flotation reaching the well by a staircase. The well is 20 meters deep. Another good news is that, the cave is easy to access, because there are no trails to be traveled to the place making the tour less tiring.

The activity is accompanied by guides from the site itself, without the need for extra hires, only a fee of 30 reais is charged and the package includes the fluctuation.

Pratinha Cave and Blue Grotto

Gruta da Pratinha – Source: The Best Photos
Zipline in the Pratinha Grotto – Source: The Best Photos

The tour in the two caves are done in one, because they are located on the same farm, in the municipality of Iraquara. Only the Pratinha Cave is open for bathing, being allowed to practice floating inside and outside the cave, in the water mirror that is outdoors. The activity lasts for half an hour, plus extra time to take pictures.  

In the Blue Grotto is allowed only observation of the phenomenon of light, but it is worth sitting and contemplating its incredible beauty.

Blue Grotto – Photo: Acony Santos

On the way to get to the caves there are no trails to be covered. However, as in the others, the entry has a cost of 30 reais per person. Activities such as flotation and ziplining are paid separately.

Trails for the more adventurous

Finally, for those who decide for adventures in chapada Diamantina, there are trails with high level difficulties to do and that require a longer length of stay. Thus, the attractions that need more effort is the Maxila Waterfall, Fumacinha Waterfall and pati valley. These attractions can keep tourists busy for more than 10 days, however if you do not have time and are not in the mood, the chapada has more than 360 waterfalls cataloged and available for bathing.

Fumacinha Falls

Fumacinha Waterfall – Source: Deixa de Frescura

The waterfall has 100 meters of waterfall in the middle of 280 meters of rocky walls. Which forms a beautiful landscape of canyons. Being one of the most difficult and dangerous, the Fumacinha Waterfall can not be visited all year round. This is due to the rainy season that makes passing through the riverbed very risky.

The route takes two days, being necessary to stay overnight in campsites during the trip, because the trail requires a lot of physical preparation and adequate rest. The stretch is 18 km – round trip – leaving the village of Baixão. The cost per person per agency is 550 reais. Already, with the private guide, it costs 200 reais divided between two people. Remember, prices can change.

Morro do Pai Inácio

Morro do Pai Inácio – Source: Best Destinations

Among several other attractions to be visited, the Morro do Pai Inácio certainly has priority, because the landscape up the hill is indescribable, being possible to see all the Chapada Diamantina and bonus, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset with its lights defining the outline of the rocks.

Morro do Pai Inácio – Source: Best Destinations

The trail is not difficult, it is only 20 minutes walk and it is not necessary to hire a tour guide. Morro do Pai Inácio can be part of the itinerary with other attractions, depends on how it was combined with the contracted agency.

Muritiba Park

Muritiba Park – Source: Best Destinations

Muritiba Park is one of the easiest walks. It's good for those who still want to get used to the chapada scenario. In the Park you can find water wells with natural hydromassage, waterfalls, lookouts and beautiful beautiful geological formations.

Muritiba Park – Source: Best Destinations

The park tour lasts on average from 3 to 4 hours and the trail route is very quiet. The value for the visit through an agency costs between 50 to 80 reais.

When to go

The chapada is exuberant all year round, but keep an eye on the weather and decide on which would please you most during your tours. Between the months of October to April we have the rainy season, increasing the volume of water in the waterfalls, with muddy and dangerous trails. But this season the weather is not so hot and the water is in a more pleasant temperature.


  • It is always recommended to hire guides for the tours, but there are some that are possible to visit on their own and are easily accessible.
  • Always wear boots or sneakers for trekking and bring comfortable clothes, pants, cold clothes, cap, repellent and sunscreen.
  • Take cash whenever you can, because like every small town, chances are you can't find your bank's ATM so easily. So not to pass tightening is good to schedule in advance and withdraw a quantity to use in meals and tours.

The colors and the landscape may seem like movie scenery, but it's all real and as nature did, it all makes the trip worth every penny and always leaves a taste of want more. As there are many attractions and activities, it is impossible to list all in just one subject, so stay tuned that soon will have more about Chapada Diamantina – BA.

And if you've visited this amazing place, tell us how it was in the comments and be sure to check out more content from the site (: Recommended content: Angels Falls – The largest waterfall in the world

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