Camping Booking

The first thing to do is to reserve a place in camping, so when you get to the place just set up the tents and rest. We indicate the Camping Vila da Canastra in which there is an excellent structure with women's and men's bathrooms, large table for meals, refrigerator, wood stove, sockets and a bench in a strategic place to observe the sunrise. Tel: (34) 98818-6366

The value per person is 150 reais per day, however, off-season drops to 30 reais per night.

Bike crossing throughout the Sierra

One of the options is to make the crossing through the magnificent valleys of the mountain. Leaving São João Batista do Glória to the lower part of Casca D'Anta Waterfall within the Serra da Canastra National Park.

Quilombo Falls

Ahead, there is a very ingrime descent and then the pedal begins through the first valley. It was 13 km until we reached the Quilombo Waterfall, but before we crossed the river that comes from the waterfall, in addition to a short walk, at first by a trail and then bordering the river.

Serra da Canastra in Minas Gerais – Photo: VitorCherulli

Da Parida Falls

This waterfall is 66 km from the village and is located on private property. So to visit it will have to disburse 10 reais. There, there are two falls and a trail that leads to them. It is noteworthy that the color of water and vegetation is splendid.

It is necessary to swim about three meters in the Monkey Pit (which is the pit of the second fall) to reach the first waterfall and "climb" a small wall of stones that gives access to the canyon where the main fall is.

Fundão Falls

Visiting the waterfall has been somewhat difficult. The roads inside the park are well deteriorated due to the rains and lack of maintenance.

So at some point on the road you have to leave the car and walk. The path is 6 km to the waterfall. It is 4.5 km to the farm, and another 1.5 km of reasonably easy trail, to the waterfall. Therefore, it is good that you are determined and in good physical shape to walk there.

João Inácio Falls

On the way back to São João da Canastra is the João Inácio Waterfall, also located in a private property and charged the amount of 10 reais per visitor. The waterfall has a small fall, but leaves nothing to be desired in the beauty item. The well has three shades of green, is very wide and excellent for diving.

João Inácio Waterfall – Photo: 360Go

Casca D'Anta

From there we continue pedaling by gravel road that alternates moderate ascents and descents for about 10 km culminating in Morro do Carvão, where there is a lookout from which you can already see the wall of the hill of Canastra with a "small throat", seen from that distance, through which the Casca D'Anta falls.

Descending from Coal you reach the Canastra Valley and from then on you continue for about 8 km with flat altimetry to the casca d'anta gatehouse of the Serra da Canastra National Park. We paid the entrance and continued inside the park bordering the São Francisco River for about 2 km to the base of Casca D'Anta and there we were amazed and stupefying enjoying such magnificent work of nature. A splendid fall of the water with 186m high that when touching the lake promotes a noise that shudders us with emotion.

Serra da Canastra Minas Gerias – Photo: Vitor Cherulli

To visit the Serra da CanastraWho
takes: the PedaLLa cycle tourism of Uberlândia-MG makes this and other itineraries to the Serra da Canastr
a.Best time: from April to September, out of the rainy season. In the rainy months the places are difficult to acces
s. Vehicle: better if it is 4×4, passenger vehicles are not recommended
. Precautions: because it is a region with enormous hydrographic importance, the Serra da Canastra concentrates several springs of rivers very important to Brazil, and also for this reason it is recommended professional monitoring in the waterfalls of the region, because constantly occur "waterheads" also known as "waterspout".

Here are some tips for those who want to venture into Canastra:

For those looking for total peace the best period to camp there for sure will not be on long holidays.

Total expense 330 reais per person (fuel, camping, food and park entrances).

  • Book at the guest house in advance. Pousada da Serra – Mapelli or Thaís (34 9108 6547 – Whatsapp or 34 9902 7832).
  • Have a GPS or map, it makes the trip much easier.
  • Opt for adventure shoes, are comfortable and have non-slip sole.
  • Clothes should cover as much of the body as possible to protect themselves from the sun, avoid direct contact with the bush and insects.
  • Bring at least two liters of water per person and nutritious food for lunch and snack, such as chestnuts, cereal bar, banana, wholemeal bread, peanuts and toast.
  • Use factor 50 sunscreen without moderation and reapply it every three hours.
  • People who do not do physical activities regularly should prepare, as there are some "hard" level routes.
  • Carry a waterproof bag or bag to protect the electronic objects, as it is almost certain that a "shower" falls during the trails.

In the most, it is to open the heart and enjoy the ride. Check out other 360Go trips.

Casca d'Anta Waterfall – Serra da Canastra, Minas Gera
isChapada dos Veadeiros, GO – Report of a charming place

San Francisco River

The São Francisco River has its historical source in the Serra da Canastra, more precisely in the municipality of São Roque de Minas and its first major waterfall, the Casca d'Anta, with 186 meters high, is in the district of São José do Barreiro (MG), and its access is made by gate 4 of the National Park, located in this district.

Another place near that same city is the Casca D'Anta Waterfall, still in the Serra da Canastra. For example we also have a video talking only about the city of Capitol Hill.

Inns i stayed in

All the places I stayed in, has a great structure, reception and impeccable service.

To schedule your stay at the first hostel talk to – Quilombo Turismo Agency 35 3524-1331, a company that manages some hostels in the region.

Pousada da Wanda
The second hostel in which we stayed the Wanda, and you can schedule directly with her by phone 35 9 9997-0057

Do you want to participate?

To participate just schedule directly with Romulo Freitas, by Whatsapp (34) 9 9197-6223

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