Fernando de Noronha is the most coveted archipelago in Brazil and is not an act. In it are the most beautiful beaches recognized worldwide and certainly your tours will be unforgettable. The Bay of Sancho, Bay of Pigs and Praia do Leão, are the most famous and the most beautiful of the whole.

In addition, diving with sea turtles, sailing alongside dolphins and watching the sunset on the beaches makes your season even more fantastic there.

Fernando de Noronha – Photo: Travel and Tourism

Despite the high cost characteristic of Fernando de Noronha, there are seasons with good discounts, it is worth researching. Anyway, anyway, to get to know one of the best, or if not, the best beach in Brazil pays a little more.

How to get there

Gol and Azul airlines offer flights from São Paulo with connection in Recife or Natal, direct to the island of Fernando de Noronha. Make sure that the hotel you are staying in makes free transfers from the airport.

A tip is to reserve your accent on the left side of the plane. The aircraft flies over Cacimba dos Padres Beach and Morro dos Dois Irmãos, so you will have the opportunity to contemplate one of the most incredible landscapes of our planet and still make beautiful photographs.

Environmental Tax

This rate usually scares away tourists, but their charge has its reasons for being. The daily environmental preservation rate is 73.52 reais. Once you arrive on the island you will need to buy the ticket that entitles you to an access card by ICMBio in the amount of 97 reais. Brazilians have 50% discount and are paid only once. Children and elderly people over 60 years old are exempt. The card is worth 10 days and gives access to the beaches of the Marine National Park (Beaches Sancho, Bay of Pigs, Southeast, Leo, Atalaia and trails).

Check the prices on the website prices on the site


The inns of the island usually offer the transfer service from the airport to the hotel as a courtesy to the tourist, in addition, offer several package tours that, if you choose, you can close right there in the van.

The transfer picks up all passengers and leaves each in their respective inns and this requires a certain time, which makes us consider the use of the taxi, being that the value is reasonable and you will certainly arrive faster in your hostel. Remember that there is no Uber in Noronha.

How to circulate

Circulating on the island is not difficult and has several options, but, there is some convenience for those who stay in Vila dos Remédios, In Floresta Nova or in the Southeast, as they are places closer to the beaches. Anyway, the island has buggy rental, so you can go anywhere, motorized. Remembering that it is good to make the reservation in advance because the demand for rent is too great and the fuel is rationed.

In addition to the buggy, another option would be the buses. On the BR 363 there are minibuses every 30 minutes. They pass through the entire island connecting the Port of Santo Antônio to the Southeast. And finally, the option to hitchhike. The island is very safe, which makes this practice very common there.

Sanchos Bay

Occupying the top of the best beaches in the world, Sancho Bay surpasses standards with its magnificent beauty. In addition to a calm sea and spectacular colors, the beach is well structured with showers, toilets, lockers, snack bars and rental of equipment such as snorkel, fins and life jackets.

Baía dos Sanchos – Photo: Cinema Travel

Bay of Pigs

The Bay of Pigs for lack of infrastructure may not please some tourists, but, it is perfect for those who want to practice snorkeling and excellent for diving. This beach is included in the ICMBio fee, just present the card at the entrance.

The Bay is included in the Tour Island, however, we recommend going on your own if you want to stay longer there, in addition you can visit Bode Beach (only with low tide) and Cacimba do Padre Beach.

Bay of Pigs – Photo: Cinema Travel

Santo Antônio Port Beach

Here the tour really becomes a spectacle. The beach allows you to go diving with fish, sea turtles and even sharks. However, it is not allowed to touch the corals, so they themselves offer the life jackets for flotation, which is providential for those who can not swim.

Santo Antônio Port Beach – Photo: Cine Travel

This tour is also included on the Island Tour, but can be done from the outside. It is possible to arrive by bus, buggy or taxi. If you decide to walk, it takes about 30 minutes.  

Diving with Sea Turtles

Boat Tour

The boat passes through all the beaches we mentioned above: Conceição Beach, Bay of Pigs, Morro dos dois Irmãos and Baía do Sancho. But, the differential of this tour are dolphins, they always appear surpeendendo not only the unsuspecting, but everyone who sees them.

And finally, the boat makes a stop at Sancho Bay, away from the sand strip, for diving. So it is possible to see a lot of different corals and fish.

Boat Tour

Book the tour at an agency. The value is around 150 reais and takes about 4 hours, the entire route.

Cachorro Beach and the Galician Hole

Praia do Cachorro is a great place for those who have just arrived in Fernando de Noronha and are still scheduling their tours. It is a basic program and is close to Vila dos Remédios.  You can get off to a great start.

Praia do Cachorro – Photo: Viagens Cine

The beach is famous for buraco do Galego, a well-popular natural swimming pool when it comes to photography. The ideal is to go early to enjoy a little more.

Buraco do Galician – Photo: Juliana Vignólia

Lion Beach

Praia do Leão pays to be visited just to enjoy the beautiful view. The sea is very rough and is not favorable for free diving. Because of this, the beach is practically deserted. Thus, if the Island Tour does not include this beach in the itinerary, it is possible to do it from the outside. Just go by minibus or taxi. Its entrance is close to the Bay of South-East, at one end of the island.

Praia do Leão – Foto Viagens Cine

When to go

Aerial View Bay of Pigs – Photo: Cine Travel

In Fernando de Noronha, the ideal is to go in the months outside of summer, being, August and September, the months when the sea gets calmer and becomes perfect for diving.

In the months of October to March, it is the season of "good waves". In these months usually appear the "Swell", which is a ripple made by the sea excellent for surfing, but does not seem to please bathers. So the sea gets very busy and hinders any schedule that involves snorkeling.


Although the "cards" predominate, take cash, because in some tours the agencies give considerable discounts to those who pay in cash.

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