History tells us that from the 11th century BC. the coastal regions of the Iberian Peninsula were colonized by Mediterranean civilizations. This region had mineral riches and has been the target of many invasions since then. Today, known for their sociability and pleasure in living, Spaniards are experiencing a recession, unemployment and corruption make headlines, but they do not let themselves be slaughtered. The past of glories also sustains wonderful scenarios, Gaudí, typical foods and a way of facing life that is very worth knowing.

Get to know the city of Barcelona – Fernando Prado

My focus is Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. Even, is the tip, only your Spanish learned in school will not solve! Try English and often French. The Catalan signs are in the city followed or not by translations in other languages. The city looked like a movie set to me. Ethnic groups from other European countries crowd in train lines, on the subway or even in fast-food. Walking through the streets I was exploring unknown places until I found the Basilica of the Holy Family, which was appearing high, among the trees.

Get to know the city of Barcelona – Fernando Prado

It is certainly one of the biggest attractions of Barcelona that receives tourists to see the unfinished work of Gaudí, they say that in the next eighty years we will see the work finished, others say that it will never happen. The artist built and rebuilt each part until it was exactly as he would like, it is noticed changes in the colors of the stones, especially from the front to the back of the Basilica.

As much as Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and has its start marked in 1,500 BC. we find more modernity than tradition on the streets of the city. In all ten districts divide the capital and organize the life of the tourist who can enjoy one district per day on their visit to Spain.  The beaches are a charm apart, does not have all that joy of our Copacabana, but it is very beautiful and brings together many young people, for the most daring the Nudist Beach is well located, nothing hidden, and the visitor is not obliged to take off his clothes if he does not feel at ease.

03 Barceloneta
Get to know the city of Barcelona – Fernando Prado

Barceloneta is a clean and family-friendly beach with easy access via metro lines. I liked it here a lot, however in the summer the water was very cold, more than our normal tropical.

When talking about the subway, you get ready to walk a lot between stations. Here it reminded me a lot of Paris in that – to reach another station – we have to walk underground a few meters, perhaps kilometers without air conditioning! Get ready to sweat, or go in winter. The museums draw attention for the quality of the works, for example in the city center, we find the Picasso Museum with three thousand important works of the Cubist artist. In Montejuic Park, there is the Miró Museum also essential for the Arts and brutal to the eye. It is worth climbing the cable car and find the castle ready to defend the Spanish coast from the invaders of yore. The full setting fills your eyes, cannons, dungeons, arena and everything else a real castle is rightfully right.

04 Metro Liceu
Get to know the city of Barcelona – Fernando Prado

Still in Montjuic is the Olympic City, built in 1992 to host the big event, it's all open to visitation. Tourist point more than mandatory are The Ramblas, wide streets with great commercial movement, although there are many, the streets are all known as Ramblas de Barcelona bordered by cafes, shops, restaurants among others.

05th Montjuic
Get to know the city of Barcelona – Fernando Prado

Street performers such as ventriloquists, mimes and living statues are everywhere scaring tourists. Already in quadrat d'Or the tip is the Casa Milá "La Pedrera" famous work of the Spanish artist who practically drew all the contours of the city. Barcelona is to Rio de Janeiro, as São Paulo is to Madrid. Make your choice and have a good trip with 360 GO! See you next time.

06th La Pedrera
Get to know the city of Barcelona – Fernando Prado

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