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This time our destination is the District Arraial D'Ajuda in Porto Seguro, which is located only 5 kilometers from the city.

Safe Harbor

To understand: The city region of Porto Seguro has 4 districts. Arraial d'Ajuda, Caraíva, Trancoso and Vale Verde.

In Porto Seguro know the historic center. There is located the first houses, churches and shops in Brazil.

Remember to visit the main beaches of Porto Seguro which are those of Curuipe, Mundai and Taperapuan.

It is good to know also, the Mirror Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil, and the district of Trancoso, which has beautiful beaches.

Ahhh i almost forgot about Caraíva. You have no idea how special this place is. There can not enter cars, only wagons because all streets are sandy and access is only by boat. Want to know more? Subscribe to our channel and activate the bell, which soon we will release a video only Caraíva. ! hehehe (Fernandão, feel free to improvise)

Mucugê Beach

In Arraial, we will start with the beaches near the city. Mucugê Beach has a very comfortable structure with stalls and kiosks.

Delegate beach

Following we have the Delegate's Beach. The scenery is all decked out with native fishing boats. It is quiet, perfect for those seeking peace and quiet.

Beach Apaga Fogo

Further north, we have the beach of Apaga Fogo, which is clean and very quiet. Its strip of sand is extensive, good for hiking.

Araçaípe Beach

Known for the large amount of shells on its sands and a meek sea. That's Araçaípe Beach. Where you can also enjoy, at low tide, the natural pools.

Pitinga Beach

To the south of the city we have the beach of Pitinga, which is stunning. The thick, clean sand and the sea of emerald green water make the beauty of one of the most beautiful in the region.

Parracho Beach

Next is Parracho Beach. Meeting point of the crowd in the region. In addition to bars with live music and extreme sports such as windsurfing, kayaking and diving.

Taípe Beach

If you seek tranquility, taípe beach is a calm only. One of the darlings of arraial, overlooking the cliffs and their charming colors. There is also the encounter of the waters of the river with the sea.

Arraial d'Ajuda Eco Park

To complement the tour. One of the great attractions is the Arraial d'Ajuda Eco Parque, one of the most complete water parks in the entire region.

In the park you can relax or enjoy a pinch of adrenaline. There are toys there for all ages. Toboggans, wave pools, as well as activities such as ziplining, tree climbing and many other attractions.

Mucugê Street

After a day of sun, beach and sea, a night stroll through the relaxed streets of the city falls very well.

Mucugê Street is famous for its charming guesthouses, great restaurants and live music, as well as the various shops with products that cater to the most varied tastes.

Just talking, I really wanted to come back. Write it down in your calendar !!! Hehehe

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