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Maragogi is one of the most amazing itineraries you have to know. Its white sands and natural pools are to fill anyone's eyes. Besides being able to enjoy so much natural beauty, there are many options of tours and leisure in the region, to make the most of your vacation. It even makes you want to drop everything and live here.


For those who come from far away, the first thing you think about is staying in a good lodging and one of the improvements in the region is the Pousada do Patacho, which is located in Patacho Beach in the municipality of Porto de Pedras in Alagoas. The guest house is 6.2 miles from São Miguel dos Milagres and close to Maragogi and Japaratinga.


The focus of maragogi city is not the nightlife, but even so, there are some options of tours to do in the city at night. Who enjoys a good meal and a good rest the city offers restaurant by the beach with typical food in addition to seafood to delight.

The city also offers attractions for those who want something more lively, close to the center has some pubs with live music and craft beers. 

São Bento Beach

Now let's get down to business. Our first stop is at São Bento beach. Those who seek tranquility here are the right place. The beaches are quiet with crystal clear waters and reefs, plus an immense coconut trees with fishermen's houses on the waterfront, and here is where you find the famous handmade gum cake.

Don't leave without trying it, huh?!

Camacho Beach 

Camacho Beach is located on the southern coast of Maragogi. It is a beach little visited by tourists, which can be a positive point for those seeking tranquility. The beach has no infrastructure, so if you are going to spend the day there, take what you need to stay, such as food and water.

Maragogi Beach and City Waterfront

Maragogi's central beach is full of bars and restaurants, making it very busy on weekends. Despite being the main beach access to natural pools, it is very worth leaving the center and visiting the beaches in the surroundings, take the opportunity to rent a buggy and have fun.                                            

Burgalhau Beach

Heading north, we reach burgalhau beach. This beach looks like a movie set. Clear sands and paradisiacal sea makes it considered by tourists one of the best beaches of Maragogi, it is perfect to spend an entire afternoon with the family and feeling in paradise.

The weak point is that the beach doesn't have much infrastructure, so take supplies like food and water. And remember to always collect your trash.

Barra Grande Beach

Barra Grande is always on the planes of tourists, the sea-style swimming pool with its clear and calm waters, are ideal for families with children. The beach is even more incredible at low tide, it is at this time that you can enjoy a sandbank that rises next to the beach, and that usually gives access to the natural pools of Barra Grande.

Always remember to check the tide board when taking the rides. It is essential to enjoy the best views and for your safety as well.

Antunes Beach

The beach of Antunes is one of the most visited in Maragogi, its calm and greenish waters constantly attracts many tourists, the beach still has a good infrastructure to glimpse the landscape.

São Miguel dos Milagres Beach

If you are planning to meet São Miguel dos Milagres, know that you will not regret it, because it is one of the most beautiful places in Alagoas. The beaches are clear, warm and calm, ideal for relaxation and family days.

Maragogi Natural Pools

And of course we weren't going to forget the reason for Maragogi's fame: the natural pools. The natural pools are composed of coral reefs and the attraction only happens when the tide is low. The pools are home to a great diversity of marine life in its crystal clear waters which is an irrefutable invitation to dive.

Peroba Beach

Heading to the north coast of Maragogi, we reached the beach of Peroba. It is located between Alagoas and Pernambuco, the beach has many coqueiros, with clear and warm waters, as well as many corals that you can see in the natural pools when the tide is low.

It is worth noting that the place does not have a very strong infrastructure, for this reason the beach is more empty making it more quiet.

Beach mangrove tip

And finally, still on the north coast, if you are in search of waters with greenish tones and warm temperature mangrove beach is perfect. It is one of maragogi's most famous beaches being compared to those in the Caribbean. 

The place is ideal for families at low tide, along the waterfront there are several stretches without trade. If you choose to stay in these locations, don't forget that tip: "Take your supplies"

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