It is possible to meet Paraty in a few days of travel. For this, we select for you the most wanted ones.

Paraty Old Town

Paraty's Old Town dates back to the early 1820s, when its streets already had a "tomboy's foot" style pavement. According to the city's website, an important fact to note is that, it was considered by UNESCO as "the most harmonious colonial architectural ensemble", becoming a National Heritage Site, listed by IPHAN. Thus, its streets continue to preserve the colonial style, becoming an important tourist spot in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Pavement "foot of tomboy" – Historic Center of Paraty

House of Culture and Museum of Sacred Art

If you are curious to know other properties with different architectural forms, also visit the House of Culture and the Museum of Sacred Art. The two places aim to preserve and enhance the cultural heritage of Paraty, in addition to supporting the creation, production and dissemination of artistic manifestations that occur in the city. In the Museum you can still visit the collection of ancient religious pieces.

House of Culture – Paraty

Museum of Sacred Art – Paraty

Boat Trips

Now let's highlight the charm of the waters of Paraty!

To know the beaches of Paraty Bay Recommend boat trips that pass by the beaches of Lula, Praia Vermelha, Ilha Comprida and Lagoa Azul.

Boat Trip – Blue Lagoon

Known for its beautiful water color, the Blue Lagoon is the most famous stopping point of the boat tour in Paraty. The place, surrounded by rocks and green forest is a large natural pool with marine life galore. The Blue Lagoon is on the route that goes to Praia Vermelha, Praia da Lula and Ilha Comprida.

Tip: take your own snack, because often the stop happens only for a breakfast inside the boat. During the tour it is also possible to enjoy a quick swim and snorkeling, so take your equipment!

Hosting Tip

It is best to stay in the Center of Paraty, since the closer to the Historic Center, the faster you will have access to the places. Thus, it is possible to get to know the city better and walk in different directions throughout the day, optimizing your time.


Trindade is part of the municipality of Paraty and is close to the state of São Paulo. The village is secluded between a small mountain range and the sea.

Cepilho Beach

This beach is a meeting point for surfers presenting more agitated waves, excellent for surfing.

Cepilho Beach – Trindade

Cachadaço and Meio beaches and cachadaço natural pool

If hectic waves are not your strong suit and are looking for something calmer and more cozy, be sure to know the Cachadaço and Meio Beaches and the Cachadaço natural pool.

Trindade – RJ

The natural pool is formed by an area of sea protected by large stones. The depth for most of the year does not exceed one meter. Tip: Take a snorkel and enjoy the abundant marine life in the area. For a deeper dive, cross the stone barrier. The look is paradisiacal! Take pictures and experience unforgettable moments there.

Stone Swallowing

Finally, if you are missing a hint of adventure, note in your itinerary a visit to the Pedra Que Engole Waterfall. As the name says, it is a waterfall that "swallows" its visitors. A little ominous!

Stone Swallowing – Trinity

There, it is possible to slip through the rocks and 'disappear' under the waterfall. What happens is that the stone is positioned in a way that was created there below a subtle air intake. Thus, it is possible to pass through the space between one stone and another and fall into a kind of cave. Stones with slime are the secret to making the body slide easily.

To get to Pedra que Engole you need to make a trail of about 40 minutes from Praia do Meio.

So, did you like our tips? Be sure to check out the other posts to know new paradisiacal places of our Brazil!

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