Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Porto de Galinhas enchants tourists from the four corners of the world with its natural pools of turquoise colors, warm waters and its colorful aquatic inhabitants.

Aerial view of Porto de Galinhas

The city is located 70 kilometers from Recife, in the municipality of Ipijoca in Pernambuco and its name is very curious. Then, according to legend, enslaved Africans came hiding in ships carrying chickens and to announce the new "commodity", it was said that "there was new chicken in the port".

What they could not imagine is that Porto de Galinhas has become one of the most visited and trendy cities in the country.

How to get there

Getting to the village is very quiet. Being in Recife it is possible to rent a vehicle paying 140 reais on average and arrive at the villa in just 1 hour. The other option is to go by bus, which takes about 1 hour and a half, being the cheapest option with the cost of 20 reais per person.

What to do

Natural Pools

Natural Pools

It is important and recommended to check the tide board before the trip, because the tour is carried out only at low tide and the level changes daily.

Snorkel in natural pools

It is not necessary to book so far in advance and individual tickets of 25 reais are sold in the Central Square of Porto de Galinhas in the kiosk of the Jangadeiros Association. Then just find a raft and in 15 minutes you will be enjoying the natural picinas. In the reefs, where the pools are, you can go diving, feed the fish or just enjoy the water with pleasant temperature. I suggest you take snorkelling, so you can enjoy the beauties of marine life in the crystal clear waters.

Buggy Ride and Beaches

The end-to-end buggy ride is perfect for those who want to know all the beaches of the north and south shore and perhaps choose the preferred one to return to later.  

Buggy Ride in Porto de Galinhas

Of equal beauty is the beach of Muro alto, which is 12 km north of the village. The sea is divided by a coral wall that makes the beach look like a lagoon.

Muro Alto Beach – Photo: Cinema TViagens

Praia da Vila is the central beach and is usually the most moving beach, and it is from there that the rafts depart for the natural pools. However, if you want to enjoy the beach without all that excitement, just get a little distance and certainly have more privacy.

Pontal do Cupe is 5 miles further north, and other natural pools protected by a reef form. This beach, however, is not included in the itineraries of buggy rides and so receives fewer tourists than the others, making it calmer and paradisiacal.

Maracaípe Beach – Photo: Casa de Maracaípe

Maracaípe, 3 km south of the village, is a beach that does not have much infrastructure for tourists, but due to its extension and open sea is perfect for meeting point of surfers in the region.

But if catching the wave is not your beach, Pontal do Maracaípe can be interesting. From there it is possible to see the encounter of the sea with the river.

Still in Pontal, in the afternoon, is when the rafts leave towards the mangrove to watch the spectacle of seahorses.

When to go

From April to July, the rains occur more frequently and it is during this period that prices fall considerably. During the months of October to February the heat is more intense and almost does not rain, and the period of high season prices tend to rise.  


Although not the fort of Porto de Galinhas, the village still offers some nightactivities, such as: bars with live music from forró to MPB, rock and reggae. In the tours of the center of Porto it is possible to visit the shops and buy their souvenirs, or enjoy the spices of Italian restaurants, northeastern food, snacks and ice cream parlors.  


Carneiros Beach – Photo: Cinema Travel

You can benefit from the proximity and make a round trip at Carneiros Beach which is just 31.1 miles from Porto. Take pictures of the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean and the Formoso River, as well as the beautiful Walk in the Sand Church. But keep an eye out for the tide, because on this beach, the beauty is when it's high.

Maragogi – AL

Another hit and turn unmissable, is to take a jump in Maragogi – AL. There are also natural pools, however, are quite different from those that exist in Porto de Galinhas. Check it out yourself!

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