I've scheduled seven days including the day to go and come back. My itinerary was from my city to São Paulo and from there Floripa, in the capital I rented a car (I closed everything before by Takeoff) and went to Bombinhas Beach. About the car, I had a little problem, is that when I rented by Takeoff, the site does not leave specific the car you can rent, give you options of 2 or 4 doors and for the value, a range of cars possible, I ended up with a fall short of what I expected and so I intend to complain on their website, takeoff and Trivago! We travelers need to impose ourselves in the world guys!

Get to know this beautiful city called Bombinhas in Santa Catarina

Well, from Floripa to Bombinhas spent less than an hour and a half, most of the track is duplicated and is only single track after Porto Belo more or less. The town is small, very cute, on top of the mountain, as I came in low season is all empty, ready to receive people, who like me, wanted to spend a quiet time. So, coming off-season, don't look for street vendors, food and drink facilities near the beach or even on the sand.

All I saw were fishermen and ships far away on the coast. To shop I went to a supermarket nearby ( 3 blocks ), the night makes it difficult because the city is reforming the waterfront and the lights do not light, it is very dark and as much as I have not felt cornered or in danger, it is better not to give silly do not really?

Get to know this beautiful city called Bombinhas in Santa Catarina

From the beach of Bombinhas it is possible to see in the distance the Beach of Sepultura, excellent for diving, but I did not have the courage to put your feet in the water, imagine to dive! In the morning it was six degrees and the night ten, the afternoon I managed to catch some seventeen degrees maybe a little more… I indicate looking for air BNB to rent houses on the beach, I see more advantage than inns and hotels. The houses are comfortable, have hot water in the shower (via Boiler system) and the city offers hundreds of these houses and apartments very close to the beach.

Get to know this beautiful city called Bombinhas in Santa Catarina

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The restaurants by the sea are another excellent option, I went through two, the Delights of the Sea and césar restaurant, in the first I tried the Shrimp Soltinho and a beer, ah! The passion fruit juice of the guys is wonderful, they make with milk and becomes a real mousse. César has a Seafood Buffet every Friday from eight in the evening with the individual value of fifty-five reais per person, I found the cost-benefit very good.

Get to know this beautiful city called Bombinhas in Santa Catarina

From this part of the beach you reach the center in less than five minutes by car, but do not get carried away, nothing much saw!? Just a few shops, mostly closed in low season and many restaurants, all offering basically the same thing. A Shopping Mall ( Uniblue Shopping Center ) in operation, but still in occupancy.

To close, I indicate the Mirante ECO 360, which is on the other side of the island. For ten reais you climb a small trail and have the view of the entire city, with the beautiful division between sea-land-sea, in high season it is possible to zipline and jump from Hang Gliding.

Get to know this beautiful city called Bombinhas in Santa Catarina

Keep traveling, keep getting to know!

Hugs and even the next adventure!

Fernando Prado

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