On the day I said goodbye to the city of São Thomé das Letras, came the moment of reflection on everything that happened in this charming stone citadel.

Above all, time to start thinking about how we are relating to the people around us. And really see the beauty of the human being in its essence, in its pure inner beauty. The perception of how important this is in our lives can make a difference in daily happiness during it.

The journey

When I was called to participate in the tour with Wesley Anastácio, turismologist and owner of the company Curupira Turismo. I probably had no idea how symbolic this trip was going to be. For I was the last of 49 people, and only because of a withdrawal I was able to participate in the trip to São Thomé das Letras.

We left Uberlândia at 23h on Thursday night from the central terminal, the trip is a little distant, but the bus is very comfortable. So we went on the road, 9:00 later we got to town.

At 8am the next day, we went straight to the hotel to unload the bags. Very cozy and organized place with Wi-Fi and everything.

But what we would do less is get online, the idea here is to turn it off and connect us to nature and people.

The first impression is on the asphalt, actually there is no asphalt in the city center, it's all stone, literally. Because the city is recognized for having the highest concentration of quartzite in Brazil, and many companies exploit this incorrectly.

Rio in São Thomé das Letras, Photo: Vitor Cherulli

ão Tomé das Letras is a typically mountainous city, built on a large mineral deposit of neoproterozoic quartzite. Which is known as "pedra de são tomé" and which is widely used in paving swimming pools, in the construction of some houses in the municipality, in the paving of the streets and in the elaboration of local handicrafts. Source

sSome of the main waterfalls and water rapids of the municipality are: Lua Waterfall – Butterfly Valley – Goblin Forest – Veil da Noiva Waterfall – Antares Waterfall – Waterfall of Eubiose – Flávio Waterfall – Corredeira Xangrilá – Waterfall Paradise – Waterfall of Dreams Waterfall rain Fountain


São Thomé das Letras has a rustic air, typical of the interior of Minas Gerais. Its location is mountainous and raised to 1 440 meters above sea level, allowing the observation of virtually the entire surrounding region. The city also attracts visitors in search of alleged UFO sightings in the city.

There are several must-see options, such as the Gruta São Thomé; Stamped Grotto; Pyramid House; rock formations (the Witch's Stone is the most famous); the Eubiose waterfalls; Bridal Veil; Paradise; Moon; Antares among others and rapids like Shangri-la; Sobradinho and countless others throughout the region.

Some believe that São Thomé das Letras is one of the seven energy points on Earth. Therefore it attracts to the place mystical spiritualist societies, scientific and alternative, which gives reason to another name of the city: "Mystic City".

Another amazing tour you need to know is at The Capitol in Minas Gerais.

Good food, good music, perfect climate, amazing people and very receptive to the tourist.

We organized the bags and prepared to take the final photo, everyone tired but very happy, rashes of detachment and release.

People in São Thomé das Letras

Get out of the rut, value people, live, venture, brave the world because we are born to be explorers and conquerors of full happiness.

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