Jalapão, is a city located in the state of Tocantins, site of fantastic landscapes. There you will find mountains of orange sands, waterfalls in shades of blue, boilers, dunes and canyons.

How to get to Jalapão

"Jalapão" is located in the extreme east of Tocantins, bordering Maranhão, Bahia and Piauí and has one of the most extensive areas in native vegetation in the country: the Jalapão State Park with 1,589 km², (area larger than the city of SP).

To know this scenario, it is necessary to take the TO-050 to Porto Nacional, follow the TO-255 to Ponte Alta, from then on the roads are dirt.  

Considering the lack of telephone signal and the difficulty of the route, a 4×4 car is always indicated for the adventure. In the city there are vehicles available for rent.

Now know the main attractions:

Formiga Waterfall

Photo Monique Renne

This waterfall is one of the favorite of tourists. Formiga Waterfall is 35 km from Mateiros. It has crystal clear waters allowing you to see the bottom of limestone sand and its shade of emerald green. With a small-volume waterfall, it forms a real hydromassage.

The water is not "supercold", but rather, it seems to be at the ideal temperature for a refreshing bath in the heat that prevails there. The combination of temperatures, colors and water transparency makes diving an activity of the most interesting.

Already, for those who can not swim, the waterfall forms a delicious pool of natural and crystal clear water right next door.

The ticket for visitation costs 20 reais per person. The roads to the waterfall are well signposted and the stretch easily accessible, and also, the place has a camping area worth 30 reais per person. However, if you prefer less "people's buxixo", then we recommend avoiding going during the long holidays.

Old Waterfall

Old Waterfall

In the waterfall of Velha is not allowed to bathe, because of its fifteen meters of waterfall and its ten meters wide, however, it is ideal for rafting, sport for those who like adventure and want to know the full extent of the cacheira.

Rafting has level three and four rapids and the tour costs on average 170 reais.

But the adventures and tours don't stop there. Experience a dip in the Poço da Cachoeira das Araras or the relaxing falls of the Soninho Pequena River Waterfall. If you prefer larger falls, the Cachoeira do Soninho Grande is the one indicated. You can stop to make beautiful photos in the Canyon of Sussuapara, near the High Bridge, in TO – 255.

Araras Falls

Araras Falls

Soninho Small River Waterfall

Soninho Small River Waterfall

Soninho Grande River Waterfall

Soninho Grande River Waterfall

Sussuapara Canyon

Sussuapara Canyon

Amazing Fervedouros

Another program that can not miss in your script are the boilers. They are crystal clear water wells from where water springs with so much pressure that they keep bathers floating.

Thus, there are boilers of various sizes and shapes, colors and pressure intensity. Currently, only eight are open for visitation, however, it is estimated that there are at least twenty of them throughout the region.

But, as the wells are located in private areas, there is a charge for visitation that is around 10 to 25 reais. A tip is to go in small groups and out of season as it is allowed to swim between four and ten people at the same time.

Fervedouro Bela Vista

Fervedouro Bela Vista – Source: Monique Renne

Fervedouro Bela Vista is one of the most famous wells of crystal clear water. Located near the city of São Félix, it is considered the largest of all, has 15 meters of transparent water diameter.

This space is one of the most structured in Jalapão. In it there is restaurant, camping area and projects for installation of inns. The value of the visit is 15 reais and lunch at will, for 35 reais.

Ceiça Boil

Ceiça Boil

The first to be disclosed to the public was the Fervedouro da Ceiça. The boil has a beautiful landscape, surrounded by banana trees and easily accessible. The capacity is for ten bathers, only for ten minutes, with the cost of 20 reais per person. On site there is no restaurant, however, the landscape compensates for the tour.

Other boilers that can not be left out of their itinerary are the Boil rosemary, Fervedouro da Encontro das Águas which has a huge pressure in its spring, the Fervedouros do Buritizinho with extremely blue and transparent water, the Fervedouro dos Buritis and the Sono River surrounded by abundant vegetation.


Get the camera ready! Mandatory stop on jalapão's route: the Dunes.

Jalapão Dunes

Jalapão Dunes

The best time for visitation is at dusk, when the sunset highlights the colors of the sands. From the top of the dune you can see the entire desert landscape amidst the cerrado. Access is free and open until 18:00.

Amazing Landscapes: Stone Pierced

Pedra Furada – Photo Monique Renne

Pedra Furada is a magnificent place to watch the sunset. Located 35 km from Ponte Alto do Tocantins, the entrance is free and easily accessible, close to the road. To get to Pedra Furada, walk a small trail for five minutes, but if you want to climb a little more, it is another ten minutes walk to reach the top and enjoy the wide view of the place.


Starlight in Jalapão

Night at korubo camping – Source: Best destinations

It seems like a lie, but in Jalapão, when the sky is clear, it is possible to see the Milky Way with the naked eye. The region has no lighting as in large cities and is well conducive to celestial observation. A very interesting evening program, see the belt of Orion, Scorpio and other groups of stars.

When to go to Jalapão?

Tourism in Jalapão takes place all year round, but the best time for visitation is between the months of May and September, a period of drought.  In September is when you can see the golden grass in its natural state, however, it is good to be careful with the fires that usually happen at that same time. Otherwise, in the rainy months, tourism on the trails and boils becomes more difficult, because the land becomes muddy and difficult to access both on foot and by car.

Check out below this poetry in video form about Jalapão channel A Traveler.

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