I'm sure you've heard of the famous "Buzios". It is among the 10 most sought after cities for travel in embratur's ranking. Its beaches gained fame from the 1950s, when young actress Brigitte Bardot decided to re-flee the quiet fishing village, seeking to hide from prying eyes as a result of fame. The actress lends her name to orla bordot. In it there are several establishments such as: designer shops and restaurants, in addition to the "points" of night clubs.

Statue of Actress Brigitte Bardot – Photo: Hibrasil

But do not think that Buzios maintains its fame just for this reason, just run your eyes across the map and realize that geography was generous with the beauty of the place. Every coast is cut out and full of small and charming beaches to be seen and enjoyed. Crystal clear waters, lots of sun and constant winds make it the ideal place to practice sports such as sailing, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing and free flight.

The municipality of Buzios is located on the northern coast of Rio de Janeiro, known as the Lakes Region, 190 km from the capital. Its location is great for those who wish to make a longer route combining the nearby Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frio for a season of beaches.

What to do

Armação de Búzios has a total of 23 beaches in an extension of eight kilometers of coast. A four-day itinerary is usually not enough to get to know all the beaches, but it's a good start and will certainly leave a taste of want more.

1 – Praia Azeda and Azedinha

When visiting the beach Azeda be sure to take a jump in Azedinha. They are beaches with crystal clear waters and easy access. They are close to the center and a wooden staircase is the access to get to it. On weekends and holidays the beach is usually full of tourists, but it is worth even for those who just want to enjoy the calm sea there.

Azeda Beach
Azedinha Beach

2 – João Fernandes Beach

This beach is also a short walk from the center of Buzios, being one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. The place also provides buggy rides for those looking for a little more adventure.

João Fernandes Beach

3 – Ferradurinha Beach

Small and secluded beach, however, grandin its charms. She's on the list of favorites among tourists.

Ferradurinha Beach

4 – Turtle Beach

Especially quiet and ideal for a good rest, snorkeling or even watching a wonderful sunset.

Turtle Beach

5 – Praia do Forno

This beach is perfect for those who want to escape the crowds in the city center. Because it is small and reserved, it does not have many tourists, it is almost always empty, especially off-season. The infrastructure, such as bars and restaurants, is still quite precarious.

So what makes it special and worth checking out is its pink sand. Beautiful, as on Australian beaches.

Praia do Forno – Photo: Hibrasil

Check out more about this beach in the article Praia do Forno – A beach of pink sand.

6 – Brava Beach and Beach Club

The beach has this name is not an act, the sea is sea based agitated in this place. So if you're not a surfer, you better not take any chances. As an option, there are beach clubs. They are sophisticated clubs, with the price obviously a little salty, but the proposal of exclusivity is worth the cost.

Food is not allowed and the daily rate is around 100 reais per person and the mattresses in front of the beach are included. The atmosphere is very pleasant, with good food and music, in addition to the amazing seaside scenery.

Brava Beach
Beach Club – Photo: Monique Renne

When to go

The season in Buzios between the months of April and May, has little rain, few tourists, for those who do not like too much buxixo and high temperatures ensuring that tan.

However, in September and October, the conditions of sunny weather, little rain and less movement are repeated.

Gastronomy and nightlife

Naturally, due to the great movement of foreigners, the local gastronomy has become internationalized. There are restaurants representing Japanese, Thai, Moroccan, French, Italian and many other cuisines. However, seafood dishes, such as moquecas, stews or a simple fried fish (with rice, black beans and salad), are the favorite of visitors, who are attracted by the flavor of the typical fish of the region (anchovy, squid and even stingray).

The food is so important to the region that the city has won an event dedicated to its gastronomy. The Gastronomic Festival of Buzios is held annually and seeks to value restaurants and bars in the region.

Both during the day and at night, the center quite agitated. At night the movement focuses on Rua das Pedras, where there are bars and nightclubs with live music or dance floors. People usually go around until they choose their ballad. So it's after midnight that the nightclubs start shaking.

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