BOGOTÁ quick guide

Airport in Bogotá, Colombia

Valid passport and the updated international vaccination card against Yellow Fever at hand, fly by Companhia Airlines, departing from Guarulhos, with stopover in Panama. Check in as soon as yours is opened one day early if possible. Overbooking is common, that is, even with everything bought, it may happen that you do not have your seat secured, and then it may be that you need to go on the next flight or the next, or the next. Care! The plane that took us to Panama was horrible, I stayed in the middle and couldn't stand my head, i couldn't stretch at all, it was a very difficult six-hour flight. Very weak on-board service, but all the companies are like this, so accept that it hurts less. If you are a first-time traveler, know where you will stay, take it in print, know how long, where and more information you deem necessary. Take it to the customs line, they can ask you. As Colombia has this history of drug trafficking, do not be alarmed if at some point, dogs come to smell your luggage.

Currency in Bogotá, Colombia

The Colombian Pesos confuse the head of any Brazilian. Think so, in general terms, what for us is 1 REAL for them is 1,000 COLOMBIAN PESOS. In other words, you can pay 5, 000 for a water, or 20, 000 for lunch, or even 50,000 to get into a club… In general terms is this, 1 real, 1000 pesos, BUT the exchange can screw up this conversion a little, and in my case I prefer to think that when I pay 2mil for something I am actually paying 3 Reais and that when I pay the same 2 thousand by credit card, I am actually paying 4 Reais. It gets heavier when you start buying 30,000 stuff up, so it makes a good difference in the Real. I advise you to bring dollars and exchange here for Colombian Pesos. Here it was not like in Argentina that had alternative exchanges and to make it a little more difficult, since 2016 they started to insert new pesos notes in the market, so you always need to check the notes not to pay 10,000 in something that was only 1,000, you know? Care!

Climate in Bogotá, Colombia

I left Brazil in a heat of 36 degrees and arrived in Bogotá at 10 degrees and the reason is simple, the place is almost 3,000 meters above sea level in the Andes and all this makes the climate colder, especially in the morning. Here it rains "de la nada" so either buy here or bring a small umbrella that fits in the backpack, bag etc… Don't think about staying at the hotel in case it rains, don't do it!!! Get out anyway, in a little while to and you're already close to your destination.

Traffic in Bogotá, Colombia

Crazy traffic, in the old center does not have many traffic lights and cars cross the streets and corners like crazy, honk a lot and do maneuvers that would leave even stuntmen worried! Always look on both sides, carefully.

Language in Bogotá, Colombia

 Spanish without much difference from other places I've been, such as Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, but anyway, facilitate the conversation, even more if you don't speak Spanish, facilitate the conversation, be more synthetic, learn Spanish words, try to approximate your Portuguese the way of speaking Spanish, for example J, G, R , the L, are letters that if you take the form of pronouncing and use in the Portuguese itself, already helps a lot to understand them and talk to them.

Food in Bogotá, Colombia

I have my problems with the condiment cumin, do not like, so I suffer a little on trips in Latin America, but if you do not have this problem throw yourself in the local gastronomy. They eat fruit or starter soups at all lunches and dinners, can arrive papaya and mango before your lunch, or even a soup of something that even they will not know how to explain. Then comes the Fuertes Dishes, which are the main say so, there's the Paisa Tray, a mixture of beans, rice, bacon, pururuca, egg, other things and avocado – all here goes avocado and banana – and of course the plantains, the fried green bananas, or roasted and empanada sometimes. Obleas on the streets, which are waffers with different toppings, empanadas and other foods, are hundreds of options. You have to try it. But look, not everything comes rice, and few dishes come with beans. For you who love and do not be without, can suffer lightly.

People in Bogotá, Colombia

Wonderful! Nicer than other Latin American countries. Where I've been, some Hermanos are harder, here I've only succeeded. Smiles, explanations, tranquility to give directions and so on. Take Uber or Taxi, it's basically the same amount, it may be that in taxi you have an extra 4 or 5 pesos in the end. If you take Uber, sit next to the driver. He won't accept if you sit in the back, like a normal taxi, that's because the situation between taxi drivers and the self-employed is still tense here.

Tours in Bogotá, Colombia

Make your schedule and obey your schedule, especially if you have little time to stay in the city. Eating at Macarena, Visiting the Old Center, doing the Free Walk Tours as well as visiting the Cerro de Monseratte, the Museums, and the T Zone already give you a good sample of what the Bogotanos have to offer, in 3 full days of the to do this. Now if you want to go further, there is the Salt Cathedral and neighboring towns.

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