Mount Roraima is a table-shaped mountain, being the seventh highest in Brazil. It is worth the effort to get to know you and experience the extraordinary feeling of being close to heaven.

Mount Roraima
Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is located on the triple border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.  Its altitude is 2,800 meters, which provides an impressive view of the waterfalls, lakes, jacuzzis, rivers and the sky itself.


Mount Roraima was the inspiration for Conan Doyle's book The Lost World, Brazil in Hollywood.

How to get there

The route to Monte requires a willingness to face trekking in "relatively" easy conditions of access and climbing, but it is 3 days to reach the top and 2 more to return camping along the way.

Camping at the foot of the Hill – Source: passenger6a site

Access to the entrance is made by the city of Santa Elena in Venezuela. Already, for what is in Brazil, from Boa Vista, capital of Roraima, the nearest base of the hill, should go to Pacaraima, a small town that borders Santa Elena. It is possible to hire agencies in Brazil that take you to Santa Elena and the sights, or share a taxi, if you want to save, to make the trip.

Similarly, it is possible to hire an agency in Venezuela where prices are more into account, due to the relative values between venezuelan and real currencies.

It is worth remembering the importance of hiring a guide with a team for trekking. They will be responsible for the equipment and supplies to be used during the trail and camp. Similarly, you can hire a private charger to carry your backpack, it makes the walk much easier.

When to go

Above all, the most indicated period is, between December and March, because it is less rainy in the region. The climate in the hill is tropical and humid, and the temperatures are between 24°c and 26°c. Although, at the top of the hill, the temperature is always lower and the mists are constant.

Monte Roraima seawall waterfall – Source: pénatrilha


Getting to the top isn't the only program. The hill has several hidden and unusual beauties, such as: jacuzzis, stone formation, the landmark of the three borders and many others.

Los Jacuzzis, New
Canyon de los Guacharos
Hallelujah Mountains
Punto triple Brasil – Photo: Travel without walls
El Fosso – Source: TripAdvisor
La Ventana – Source: Travel Tips

Remember to always plan your trip in advance and research about the location. One tip is to use Google Maps. However, hiring travel insurance for the trip is indispensable, you will be prepared to face the possible common problems when you are in a foreign country.

For those who want to know more about how to hire guides for trekking, we indicate the reading of Vida without walls. There, there is everything you need to know, from buying tickets to hosting.

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