Between the cities Alto do Paraíso and Goiás is located the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. A stunning place that has as main attraction the waterfalls and trails.

This region is home to wells and waterfalls with crystal clear waters, as well as huge quarries filled with cerrado vegetation. The place is certainly on the list of those seeking adventures, but it is also much sought after by families and people of all ages. From this perspective, not all waterfalls have trails with a high degree of difficulty, so they are great for children and the elderly.

So, in the face of so many options we will try to talk about what we consider as the best tours and activities in Chapada dos Veadeiros.

How to get there By bus

Chapada is located in the state of Goiás and for those who come from other places on the map, Brasilia is on the route. From Brasilia onwards there are two options to get to Chapada

Economic option, however we suggest that you keep an eye on the departure times of the buses because they may compromise your available days for the tour. Put together a strategy with these schedules.

The journey to Alto Paraíso takes a little over 4 hours.

How to get there By car

The road trip is very quiet. The roads in some stretches are duplicated providing comfort and safety. In Chapada, it is advisable to use taller cars and tracks, because the roads are mostly dirt.

How to circulate

In Chapada there is no public transport, so the best way to get around is by car. Otherwise, you can use the vehicles with guides, of course, this has an extra cost, but can be divided with other people in a group of tours.

Gustavo da Cidade GuideI
f you do not want to go to Chapada through an agency, follow the route and in the city we recommend that you look for the guide Gustavo, this is the contact. Click here!

Leather Falls

This waterfall has a breathtaking look, being one of the most sought after by all types of adventurers. In it there are from deep wells that serve to practice jump to the shallowest to delight in cold temperature water.

The Waterfall is located near Alto Paraíso. There are 20 km of paved road and 35 km of dirt road with 1 hour of journey to the destination. The trail has medium difficulty with 3 km of route.

We recommend a guided tour, for safety, as the roads are not well signposted. The guides charge on average 150 reais, and the value can be divided between up to 4 people.

Santa Barbara Falls

The Waterfall of Santa Barbara is on the list of the most beautiful in the region. With a drop of 30 meters high and with crystal clear waters that form a well in shades of turquoise green, it will certainly be the highlight of the trip. The length of stay at the waterfall is only 40 minutes.

The Waterfall is close to Cavalcante with 1 hour of road to the destination. On this tour the guide is mandatory and admission costs 20 reais. The trail has an average degree of difficulty and the tour can take all day.

Santa Barbara Falls

Macaquinho Waterfalls Complex

The Macaquinho Waterfall has 10 falls, the last of which is the Encontro Waterfall. The name refers to the meeting of two rivers, which happens there.

The road is dirt and well signposted, but all care is little and the 4×4 car should get in on the action. In the opinion of many, although tiring, it is safer to park the car and make the descent on foot. The trail has some difficulties and the guide is indispensable.

Macaquinhos Chapada Dos Veadeiros Falls

Almécegas I Falls

The view of almécegas falls is stunning. The well is deep and obviously, those who do not know how to swim should not venture. It is close to Alto Paraíso and its route is 8 km of asphalt and 2.5 km of dirt road. The waterfall is on a private property and so it is necessary to pay the entrance in the amount of 30 reais, per person. In the others, the trail is tiring, but not difficult and the tour can last on average 2 to 3 hours.

Cachoeira Almécegas I – Photo: RICARDO STUCKERT

Moon Valley

The name says it all. The landscape of rocks with similar formation to the lunar surface, with several tunnels and a river that passes through the rocks forming natural pools and showers. It really is a unique view.

The valley is 2.5 miles away from São Jorge and there is no need to hire a guide.

The price of the entrance costs on average 20 reais, per person. The visit to the valley is indicated in the dry season, best season to enjoy the natural pools.

Valley of the Moon – Photo: Vitor Marigo

Window Lookout and Abyss Waterfall

The view from the Lookout is spectacular. The waterfall that appears in the background is the "Salto do Rio Preto". This tour ends at The Abyss Waterfall which, as in most of them, in the dry season decreases the water colume in the fall. In addition, the trail is more difficult due to the climb and some stretches are dangerous.

The value of the tour costs on average 15 reais, per person and reinforcing: we indicate the hiring of a guide.

Viewpoint of Janela Chapada dos Veadeiros in photo Vitor Cherulli

Loquinhas, New

This is one of the quietest tours of Chapada and suitable for all ages. Loquinhas is close to Alto Paraíso and is only 5 km from dirt road there is no need for a guide, because the road is well signposted and has a light trail.

Loquinhas Chapada dos Veadeiros Falls

Capybara Falls

This facinante waterfall is indicated for people with more physical preparation. There are 1.6 km of trail with medium difficulty level, besides the well is reasonably deep.

Capybara Waterfall – Photo: Cokada

When to go

As a safety measure, schedule your trip to Chapada between May and July, where the dry season occurs. The highest incidence of sunshine ranges from June to September.


As in any ecotourism it is essential to use repellent, sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Wear light clothes and don't forget the swimsuits if you want to enjoy the waterfalls. And don't forget to always bring the trash back. Nature thanks you.


Finally, if you are enjoying our content, be sure to check on another destination still in the state of Goiás: Terra Ronca – GO.

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