Brotas is a city located in the interior of São Paulo. Ideal for people looking for a quiet weekend to adventures amidst forests and waterfalls. The city has great infrastructure for tours and a range of options in accommodation. Then come with us!

How to get there

Brotas is 250 km from the capital of São Paulo and following the BR 369 lasts about 3 and a half hours.

What to do

As well as every eco-tourist tour, it is recommended to make reservations in advance.


Rafting – Photo: Conoar Wilderness

Rafting is one of the main tours of the city, which by having several rapids, becomes quite suitable for this type of adventure.

Sand Singing

Sand singing, Parque das Cachoeiras – Photo: Brotas

The spring in the middle of the forest with crystal clear waters in greenish tones, has this name for the natural sound of sand in harmony with the water.  The lagoon is still conducive to fluctuation.

In the same route from the spring other activities can be done, such as horseback riding and zip lining, in addition to enjoying the delicious lunch in the farm restaurant.


Quad bike tour – Photo: Brotas

Another highly sought after tour is those made with quadricycles on private farms, being conducted by a local guide and with an average duration of 1 hour to 2 and a half hours, depending on the route. On this tour are made trails, rapids and waterfall bath. The value per person is around 260 reais.


Zipline, Parque das Cachoeiras – Photo: Brotas

The largest zip line of Brotas is 110 meters high, with two falls, one of 500 and another of 800 meters. The person can reach 60 kilometers per hour. The descent can be done both in double and individual.


The city of Brotas is full of reserve parks. However, most are private and offer resort structures with lodging, swimming pools, outdoor activities and guided tours to the nearest waterfalls.

Other loose activities offered are tree climbing, climbing, archery and aquaball. Just choose!!


The Roseira Waterfall, with 55 meters high, is between the Tijuco Preto and Roseira streams. This waterfall is located in the noisy water park.

Cachoeira da Roseira – Photo: Viagens Cine

The Santo Antônio waterfall is perfect for bathing and easy access. It has a fall of 20 meters high that form natural pools.

Santo Antônio Waterfall – Cine Travel

The Figueira waterfall with a height of 47 meters, was named after a centuries-old fig tree that exists nearby. To get to the waterfall you need to go through a trail, nothing too difficult. Interesting is, that the waterfall has 3 falls. Guys, it's really cool and it's worth knowing.

Figueira Falls

Other options

In addition to ecotourism, Brotas also has bars for night tours. One of these bars is the "Brotas Bar" with a sensational Hard Rock style.

Brotas Bar – Photo: Travel and Tourism

Anyway, these are just some of the numerous options of waterfalls and outdoor activities to be done in Brotas. If you have the opportunity, be sure to go to the largest number of tours. The city is show!

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