This amazing city is located in the state of São Paulo and microregion of Campinas, being its name a junction of Holland, America and Brazil. It is known for its high quality of life, safety, Expoflora and the most important of all: its production of flowers and ornamental plants (the largest in Latin America).

The city is the perfect route for those looking to get to know a little bit of Holland in Brazil.

Founded by the Dutch, the city has several sites and buildings with touches in different doses, of Dutch culture.

Holambra – SP

As we talked about above, its main feature is flowers. You will find them on traffic signs, flower beds, squares and buildings and have the most varied colors possible. A real visual spectacle!


Being a tourist town, Holambra has several perfect places for visits ranging from large buildings to decks scattered on the lake. Speaking of decks, the Deck of Love is a perfect place for couples seeking romance, being a symbolic manifestation of the placement of padlocks on the grids of the lake.

Deck of Love

In addition to the Love Deck, there are also several squares and parks throughout the city. The parks promote fairs and events on commemorative or special dates. The United Peoples Mill, there it is, for those interested in knowing an authentic Dutch mill.

The United Peoples Mill

For museum fans, the city maintains the Holambra Historical Museum, where traditions and information about the founding of the city by Dutch immigrants in the 1940s can be found. Perfect for those who are passionate about local culture and stories.

Now, when it comes to "restaurant", the city is very well served. It has several establishments that offer, of course, Dutch recipes. We recommend typical restaurants such as The Old Dutch Restaurant, Casa Bela Restaurant and for those looking for more refined recipes, the Confectionery Zoet en Restaurant is your place, in it you can taste Dutch sweets and coffees in a totally characteristic and cozy atmosphere.

Medallion of mígnon fillet served with red wine sauce, accompanied by brussels sprouts and three typical purees at Casa Bela Restaurante.


Of course, the essential element of Holambra could not be missed: the flowers. On all sides it is possible to find flowers of all colors, sizes and species. They are present in squares, buildings or simply scattered throughout the city in the open air. 

Flower Square – Holambra

The beauty and color of the flowers invokes a feeling of joy, which can be perceived throughout the city.


The city has walks to the fields of flowers and greenhouses and are perfect for those who want to dive deep into the roots of the city, know and enjoy the cultivation of flowers. But, it is worth remembering that the tour can only be done through local agencies. Unfortunately it is not possible to visit the site without a guide. #chateado 🙁

Flower Field


It is in Holambra that the largest flower exhibition in Latin America takes place between the months of August of September, a period that attracts tourists the most, so get ready to find the crowded city.

Street where the Epoflora event takes place in Holambra – SP

The event has several food and drinks, great attractions and of course flowers on all sides. Unforgettable moments for those who participate. You can find more information about Expoflora on their official website.


For those in love with Christmas parties, get ready. The city's Christmas is showered with amazing theatres, choirs, dance, bands, recreational activities for children and the lighting and Christmas decorations are jaw-dropping.

Decoration Noeland in Holambra – Sao Paulo

It's really worth knowing! For more information about the event visit the official website here.


However, these are not the only events in the city. The Carnaflores, where flower-filled floats roam the entire city, the city's anniversary, as well as King's Day, are some of them.

Float with flowers for Canaflores in Holambra – SP

So, do you want to know this little Holland? The city has several places to stay and we recommend at least two days to enjoy the tours better. Are we going to do this? 😉

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