Jericoacoara is a fishing village that preserves its original beauty despite the advance of tourism in recent years. Surrounded by dunes and lagoons, the city is in the west of Ceará 300 km from Fortaleza. 

Paradise Lagoon

The village is located within the Preservation Park, in an area of 200 km². The Park is responsible for the protection of natural resources, including the control of fishing and predatory hunting, in addition to contributing to scientific research.

In Jeri, as it is known, there are many attractions and activities. They are beautiful landscapes and a beautiful sunset in the dunes. Here, you will know all the main tours that the region offers, from the sand dunes, geological formations such as Pedra Furada to amazing beaches.

How to get to Jeri

Transfers in Jeri

There are several ways to get to Jericoacoara. One of the transportation options would be private transfer. It is comfortable, can accommodate up to 4 people and the travel time is around 4 and a half hours, departing from Foraleza. The value per vehicle is 550 reais. Remembering here, the possible changes in price.

Already, for those who want to save, the bus is a good option. The trip is a little longer due to the stops, around 5 hours from Fortaleza airport to Jijoca. However, the only company that makes this route is Fretcar and charges 60 reais per person.

Arriving in Jijoca, you need to take a car to get to the village of Jericoacoara. The recommendation is that it be a 4×4 car, because the trip is made in the sand through the dunes and usually lasts around 40 minutes. Another tip is to close a package with the bus + transfer.

However, it is necessary to remember that in Jeri is charged a sustainable tourism fee in the amount of 5 reais per day of stay in the village. This fee is charged at multiple access points. If you only pay once and the form must be presented at the entrance to the village, at the hotel and at jeri's exit. Then keep this form throughout your trip.

Where to stay in Jeri

In Jeri there are several lodging options, ranging from inns in the village itself to hotels near the sea. In the village you will find a variety of restaurants, shops and club options. Popular is the Alcohol Walkway, where several stalls form a circle around a DJ. So if you are in Jeri looking for excitement, there in the village, where the streets are sandy, the coming and going of the inn for the tours, it is easier.

Best tours

Blue Lagoon in Jeri – Source:

First of all, we suggest travelers choose and book their tours in advance, as Jeri is busy all year round. There are agencies where you can make your reservation by phone or WhatsApp.

Buggy Ride

Buggy Ride in Jeri

The day begins with a buggy ride and the contracted agencies seek out the passengers in their lodgings. Two destination options are offered, by the West Coast, where Tatajuba is located or the East Coast, where is the Pedra Furada, the Blue Lagoon and the Paradise Lagoon. The value of each vehicle is around 300 reais, accommodating up to 4 people.

Wear plenty of sunscreen and sunglasses, as the wind carries the sand and gives a sharp sensation to the skin. And yet, if your skin is very sensitive, it is recommended to wear thermal clothing, for protection.

West Coast Tatajuba

This stretch starts from jericoacoara beach, crosses the Guriú River to the Mangue Seco River. There, the scenery consists of trees with exposed roots. The place is very interesting and you can make some really cool pictures.

Mangue Seco Beach – Source: Viagenscine

Lagoa Grande – Source: Viagenscine

Then, head to the Dunes of Tatajuba until you reach Lagoa Grande, where activities such as ziplining and water slides take place.

East Coast – Pedra Furada, Blue Lagoon and Lagoa do Paradise

Furada Stone

The first stop is the famous Pedra Furada, a curious geological formation made by seawater. To get to know this tourist spot, you need to walk 1 km to get to the place that is isolated by stones and only has access walking. At low tide, the walk lasts 30 minutes.

Sloth Tree – Source: Backpacking Moments

Along the way, you'll find the Friar's Stone and the Sloth Tree. Then you will pass the Blue Lagoon in the municipality of Cruz and finally the Paradise Lagoon. A beach with hammocks, good food and a landscape that can be enjoyed there, lying in a hammock inside the sea.

Paradise Lagoon – Source: Viagenscine
Paradise Lagoon – Source: Viagenscine

Sunset Dune

Dune Sunset in Jeri

This is the ride you shouldn't miss. Watch the sunset sitting at the top of the dune and end the trip with a golden key. It is possible to reach the dune by walking and is close to the village of Jericoacoara, next to the Beaches of Canoas.

Every afternoon, tourists choose this place to end the day. The visit also offers a chance to practice something very peculiar, the "esquibunda", in which you descend by slipping to the base of the dune.

 When to go

The rains usually occur between the months of March to June, considered the period of discharge, and can harm your tours and your stay. The whole rest of the year is sunny and lots of fun!

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